Death and Afraid

People fear the idea of death since they think death is the end and do not know exactly what life after death would be like. But, as Socrates said, “everything exists with its opposite.” When anything gets bigger, it becomes bigger than before. The strong is formed the weak and the fast is comprised of the slow. If anything gets worse, it means that it was better a while ago and if more just, from more unjust. This leads us to the conclusion that everything arises from its opposite.

Likewise, death also exists with birth. The death of something is the birth of it in another form.

Let’s consider sperm. If this sperm had a mind and be asked, would it want to exist? The sperm might mistake life for death, so it might not want to exist.

It is no different than what we have been through. Death is the end of life on earth but also the beginning of another life. Death is not extinction but a transition to another life form.